Open Series; Presence and Control

Open Series; Presence and Control.

How often in the midst of a workout have you thought about how hard it was? All you’re thinking about is how heavy your breathing or . Maybe you’ve even gotten to the point where you have stopped.

Moment’s where you get lost in the aching, the breath, the fatigue are also the moments we tend to give our negative thoughts too much power. Be present. Take control of your mind. Our minds are powerful. We’re in them every single day. Being able to control our minds is what will get through anything. We take a step back, talk ourselves through and fight against the grain.

This week, I challenge you to ground yourself in those moments. Talk yourself through the motions as simply as you can. Leave out the internal dialogue and the angst. We’re doing “mental reps”.

*For example, an athlete performing 22.2 on the Deadlifts “set up, grip , pull”, Athlete on the burpees “down, step up, over”.

This exercise allows us to transition our conscious thoughts into intentional action. It allows us to zone out all of the temporary discomfort and only focus on performing the action at hand. Even on days you’re overwhelmed. Focus on where you are. What you’re doing and hone in on it step by step. Every-time that we work this practice, we strengthen our minds to be the kind of person we want to be.