Open Series finale

As an athlete, it’s easy to compare. Whether its physical comparison, our scores on the leaderboard or even comparison to our previous record history/numbers. It’s important to remember our effort. Whether your score was top 5 or you are the last name on the roster, you gave your full effort. The full effort that you were capable of giving in that moment. How many times have you questioned if you could’ve gone harder? If you mentally could’ve just pushed a little more. Those “what ifs” start to kick in and we spiral.

The reality; you gave what you had in those moments. What happened then doesn’t matter. The same effort was given regardless of your placement. You pushed. What matters is what you decide to do about it. What can you gain from this experience?

Stop feeling like you need to prove yourself to anyone. Keep working for it. Keep showing up. Keep being patient. Keep taking care of yourself. Keep working your craft.

It takes so much courage not to chase expectations. It takes courage not to seek approval. Protecting our peace and energy is so important both physically and mentally. When we get heated, are quick to react and get upset about our performance (vs mindfully responding) we lose sight of our ability to be in the moment and be fully present and grateful for what is around us, for our progress, for the community of people we’ve attracted amongst our journey.

Learn to stay close to yourself.

Learn to be present.

Learn to let go of control.

You are where you’re meant to be in this moment right here.