In the open series

In the open series;

Competing is a privilege. Make the most of the opportunity by pushing yourself to the limit of your abilities. ~ Tony LaRussa

Being able to put your full effort into something and be able to give it your absolute all isn’t easy. When it starts to get hard, when our breathing starts to get heavier, when our lungs start to burn; our mind starts telling us to stop way before our bodies actually need to. The feeling we chase as athletes is the gratification of being able to win or be better than someone else when that isn’t productive in any way to our growth. To be able to finish something and say “I put my absolute all into that and I couldn’t have pushed any harder” is a sense of freedom. You have chosen not to compare. You have chosen to focus on your own limits. You have chosen to ignore the doubt and put your full heart into your own abilities and be proud of that. And what if we didn’t place where we wanted? We work toward being better. We focus on our weaknesses and in trying to fill those holes. Day in and day out.